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Fall Feast
Fall Feast

Give Back Cincinnati


Give Back Cincinnati offers more than two dozen free volunteer opportunities annually. They are always free of charge, and they are always planned with our members and our community in mind. From the time a volunteer shows up until the time they leave, Give Back Cincinnati strives to provide a well-planned, well-executed, engaging experience. We also believe in having fun! To celebrate our hard work and the new friendships we have formed, we have a social event following each service opportunity.

We don’t ask much of our members. There are no dues, no weekly meetings to attend, no harassing phone calls or junk mail asking for donations. We simply ask that our volunteers show up prepared to work hard and have a great time doing it.

Even though we are the largest young professionals organization AND the largest volunteer organization in Cincinnati, we operate with zero paid employees. We don’t even have an office!

Give Back Cincinnati is a federally recognized non-profit (501c3) organization led by a board of directors, with our membership playing key roles in leading and executing projects throughout the year.