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Fall Feast
Fall Feast

Cincy Social Ambassador

These are people who love to be social with new friends and are not afraid of striking up conversation with new faces. Have an upbeat and helping personality? We need you to join the social ambassador team. Your task could be anything from standing out greeting people that are in line to helping a person find a service that they are need of day of the event.

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Registration is from 8am to 9am. When you arrive on Thanksgiving Day, our team leads will put you in specific positions based on the area you sign up in. Please look at all of the areas and see where your strengths would be best at use and where you would be most comfortable.

Note: Please sign up one volunteer at a time. If you want to volunteer as a group, please register each person as an individual and arrive early and together on the day of the event. Questions? Email us at

For a better idea of what to expect from the day, please watch this video before you register!

Note: Please sign up one volunteer at a time. If you want to volunteer as a group, please register each person as an individual and arrive early and together on the day of the event.

Children under 18 are not permitted to volunteer in this position. 

Not sure if you are already sign up? DO NOT SIGN UP TWICE. Email us at to confirm.

Volunteer Sign Up

Bookings are no longer available for this event.

If you have an questions about this event please email us via the Contact Us page.

  1. Nancy Profitt 2 years ago

    Hi- I signed up my family of 4 and just wanted to make sure it went through. I thought we used to get email confirmations of registration and have not received them yet. It is for Nancy, Gary, Caleb, and Jacob Profitt for social ambassadors.
    This is our 4th year being part of the Fall Feast and love it! Thank you- Nancy

    • hjohns 2 years ago

      Hi Nancy,

      I see you are all registered!! See you on Thanksgiving!

  2. Melanie Williams 2 years ago

    Hi. My name is Melanie Williams and I would like to volunteer for this event and want to sign up my 12 year niece Teirrah Turner to volunteer as well. Thank you for the opportunity to volunteer.

    • hjohns 1 year ago

      Hi Melanie,
      Please sign up in an available area with our registration tool! If the registration page is not showing up, all of the spots are claimed. Question, email

  3. janet duncan 6 months ago

    Social Ambassador

    • hjohns 5 months ago

      Hello Janet,

      Please use our sign up form for this event. There is very limited space, so if this event is showing sold out, please pick a different area to volunteer. Thanks!

  4. Daria Hardeman 6 months ago

    Hi, would love to volunteer for this role, or if possible to do nails in the hair salon.
    My sister is Courtney Parker (convention center events dept)

    • hjohns 5 months ago

      Hi Daria,

      We have passed your information for nails on to our salon volunteers!

  5. J Dahms 6 months ago

    It states on the page that there are two spots left to volunteer, but there is nowhere to register. Does that mean it is currently full?

    • hjohns 5 months ago

      Hello J,

      We had a few cancellations, but the spots are filling quickly! If this area is not showing a sign up form, it is full. This is a very popular area with few spots!

  6. ODESSA LARKIN 6 months ago

    Hi Nancy I work in the coats last year I would love to meet and greet people.

  7. Chiffon Craddock 5 months ago

    I would love to be on the Social Ambassador Team, I heard there was an opening and would love to have that spot.
    Thank you

    • hjohns 5 months ago

      Hello Chiffon,

      We are full on Social Ambassadors! But we need folks in Outside the Ballroom and Inside the Ballroom if you can still lend a hand!